Hi, I'm Joshua Dysiewicz

This is a blog about JavaScript and React

I like to do deep dives into how things are working under the hood

I also reference everything I write, so you'll find a references section at the end of my articles

It's my goal help everyone understand the code they write

Using a code wizard designed by [an expert] does not automatically make Joe Developer equally expert. Joe can feel pretty good - he's just produced a mass of code and a pretty spiffy-looking program... But unless Joe actually understands the code that has been produced on his behalf, he's fooling himself. He's programming by coincidence. Wizards are a one-way street - they cut the code for you, and then move on. If the code they produce isn't quite right, or if circumstances change and you need to adapt the code, you're on your own. [Wizards aren't bad], however if you choose to use one, and you don't understand all the code that it produces, you won't be in control of your own application. You won't be able to maintain it, and you'll be struggling when it comes time to debug... No one should be producing code they don't fully understand [emphasis added].

A. Hunt and D. Thomas, The Pragmatic Programmer, Chapter 6 - Evil Wizards